My work addresses plastic waste that polutes and persists within most ecosystems. I use discarded and non-biodegradable storage bins, lids, tupperware etc. as molds to create multiple casts from. I think of the casts as urban fossils – future trace evidence of our 21st century throwaway culture.

Plastics dictate a certain kind of serial formatting to me:  grids, stacks, sequences etc. These formats directly reference how plastics are designed, shipped and displayed, while also suggesting mass-production, assembly lines, and architectural structures. 

Often the casts are made on top of a temporary floor that is later picked up and incorporated into the installation. I'm interested in incorporating the floor as a component of the larger body of work because of how it records the marks, spills and pours of studio process, preserving the studio history and the act of casting. 

Together the floor and the casts explore a self-referential loop about trace-evidence.

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